Bathroom Tiles

We have a great selection of bathroom tiles that will suit any interior and style. Our patterned bathroom tiles will be sure to make a bold impact in your room, or if you would like to make a more subtle impact, we have lots of contemporary bathroom tiles to create a timeless look and feel.

Large-format bathroom tiles are perfect for contemporary wet rooms and make smaller rooms look much larger and more spacious. Mosaics are also great for wet rooms as they mould themselves to the shape of walls and floors, creating an illusion of space with a designer touch. We have a wide range of bathroom tiles from the crisp, minimalist look to warm, subtle tones and textures. You can find everything you need to create your relaxing spa retreat.

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  1. Cordova Beige 300x600
    £24.96 per m2 £4.49 ea
  2. Cordova Biege 600x600
    £24.96 per m2 £8.98 ea
  3. Slate Rock Bone 300x600
    £29.97 per m2 £5.39 ea
  4. County Drift Autumn Reeds 200x300
    £24.84 per m2 £1.49 ea
  5. County Autumn Reeds 200x300
    £24.84 per m2 £1.49 ea
  6. County Spring Forest 200x300
    £24.84 per m2 £1.49 ea
  7. Villa Ibiza Earth 100x600
    £59.85 per m2 £3.59 ea
  8. Villa Ibiza Earth 370x750
    £50.62 per m2 £14.06 ea
  9. Serene Oat Decor 100x300
    £40.00 per m2 £1.20 ea
  10. Serene Oat (Beige) 100x300
    £40.00 per m2 £1.20 ea
  11. Pollino Beige 150x610
    £45.03 per m2 £4.12 ea
  12. Messina Marble Effect Beige
    £17.47 per m2 £1.73 ea
  13. Villa Ibiza Earth 750x750
    £54.95 per m2 £30.87 ea
  14. New England Straw 76x152
    £68.39 per m2 £0.79 ea
  15. New England Pumice 76x152
    £68.39 per m2 £0.79 ea
  16. New England Pearl 76x152
    £68.39 per m2 £0.79 ea
  17. Karya Beige 250x500
    £10.00 per m2 £1.25 ea
  18. Avon Accra Beige Decor 200x500
    £23.00 per m2 £2.30 ea
  19. Avon Beige 200x500
    £20.00 per m2 £2.00 ea
  20. Camargue Arena 200x500
    £25.00 per m2 £2.50 ea
  21. Queenstone Beige Mosaic
    £166.54 per m2 £14.99 ea
  22. West Country Falmouth Beige
    £44.96 per m2 £11.10 ea
  23. Nordik Tan 70x360
    £30.16 per m2 £0.76 ea
  24. Nordik Tan 40x360
    £29.86 per m2 £0.43 ea
  25. Flysch Mutriku Mosaic Beige
    £154.32 per m2 £13.89 ea
  26. Flysch Beige
    £34.97 per m2 £6.29 ea
  27. Stoney Sand 100x200
    £30.00 per m2 £0.60 ea
  28. Urban Latte
    £29.97 per m2 £5.39 ea
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Items 1-30 of 35

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