Dural Durabase for Tilers

Durabase C++ Anti-Fracture Matting is the ultimate solution for professional tilers, available conveniently at any of our 50+ stores. This three-layer structured matting revolutionizes tiling, prioritizing safety, speed, and cost-efficiency.

With stress alleviation and crack-bridging capabilities, it provides a secure foundation for tile installations. Additionally, it enhances footfall sound insulation for quieter environments and noticeably reduces costs, saving you time and money. The matting also offers exceptional bending strength in flooring construction without the roll-off effect. It's easy to handle and ensures optimal adhesive bonding.

Elevate your professional tiling with Durabase C++ Anti-Fracture Matting, where safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness converge to redefine excellence. Your projects deserve nothing less.

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