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How To Update Your Victorian Interior & Style Victorian Tiles

Updating your outdated, Victorian interior is often super simple and only requires a lick of white paint or a set of new or reclaimed tiles. Take a look at how to enhance your period property alongside styling our new range of Victorian tiles.


How To Update Your Victorian Interior Style Victorian Tiles

Victorian properties are often hard to style. They can have dark, chaotic interiors featuring a clash of colours, patterns and designs that make these often spacious places, claustrophobic and imbalanced.

Updating your outdated, Victorian interior is often super simple and only requires a lick of white paint or a set of new or reclaimed tiles. Take a look at how to enhance your period property alongside styling our new range of Victorian tiles, below.


Enhancing Existing Victorian Furnishings

Traditional, Victorian interiors featured lots of dark mahogany, wooden furnishings covering the floors, walls and filling the room space. As a result, these brown shades although have a cosy feel, are the culprit for giving the Victorian style its dark, dingy connotations.

Typical Victorian Interior


1. Work Your Magic With White Paint

Whether you’re looking to revamp a wooden mantelpiece, the wainscoting, ceiling trimmings or a kitchen table, you don’t have to splurge on a brand new version of each. The simplest way of brightening these dominating features is to give them a lick of white paint - or in the above case, many.

This will help to brighten the room, whilst keeping the patterned textures they often bring, without overwhelming the space. The below example from Better Homes & Garden shows how white paint is used to lighten the brass candle holders, a fire-engine red mirror and the top of a dark table in the dining room.

White Paint with Victorian Tiles

Tip: Make your furniture look whitewashed using glossy paint and strategic sanding to give a distressed-wood, vintage effect. Read more about our distressed wood effect tiles.


2. Make Antiques The Feature In A Room

Another way to enhance your Victorian interior is to make a statement from the many artefacts found in these properties.

For example, creating a feature wall with the accent mirror that’s been hiding in the loft, or making a statement display using an old crockery set or a mix of eccentric photo frames to emit collected character to a room.

Styling Antique Bathroom Mirrors with Tiles Styling Victorian Crockery

Now you’ve got an idea of how to enhance your existing decor, for properties looking to inject some Victorian-style, we’re launching three new ranges of Victorian tiles. By using these you can achieve a beautiful, traditional look to your home, in an easy and inexpensive way.


Styling Cementum Tiles

The first range of Victorian tiles we’ve launched goes by the name Cementum. These highly decorative, square tiles are perfect for use on a small section of kitchen wall or to surround a fireplace.

Keep your colour palette simple with deep chestnuts, bold whites and blacks and complement with accent plants and light wooden accessories like salt shakers, stools and shelves.

Styling Cementum Victorian Tiles from Tile Giant


Styling Legacy Tiles

For our Legacy collection of tiles, we recommend adding them into your bathroom to boast elegance and beauty, especially when paired with a soft, pastel pink.

Styling Legacy Victorian Tiles from Tile Giant

Pair these patterned tiles with our best-selling, Metro tiles for a more subtle look or make a visually stunning statement with our Legacy tiles on both the floor and wall area. We feel this works best when the room has been split in half or three-quarters by wainscoting. See below.

Wainscoating for styling Victorian tiles from Tile Giant


Styling Pamplona Tiles

Finally, our Pamplona tiles are perfect for creating an inviting, statement hallway. Particularly as geometric patterns continue to trend in modern interior design, these tiles would be the ideal addition to bring character to the entrance of your home.

Though it may be the last place you consider decorating, it’s the first insight your guests have into your home - wow them.

We know that both pattern and colour can be off-putting when you’re picking your tile choice, but with our Pamplona range, you get a visually soft tile that has both style and substance. Available in navy, maroon and monochrome, you get a patterned tile that adds interest your home whilst its tough properties and slip-resistance makes it a practical choice too.

Pamplona Tiles Victorian Tiles from Tile_Giant



Regardless of how modern your home is, nothing beats the authentic, homely feel a Victorian tile can bring. Get creative and mix and match the different tile types to bring your own unique twist to your home.


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