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How To Style Distressed Wood Effect Tiles

In this post, we’re talking you through how to style a new range of wooden tiles that are about to launch: Puzzlewood distressed, wood-effect floor and wall tiles.


If you’ve visited our previous blog post, you’ll know wood effect floor tiles are sweeping interior trends. Today, we’re talking you through how to style a new range of wooden tiles that are about to launch: Puzzlewood.

Consider it the stunning yet distressed cousin to the usual immaculate and polished range of wood effect tiles, distressed tiles with their paint-wash, worn-look brings an unrivalled sense of character to your property.

It’s the perfect addition for any homeowner looking to add a vintage vibe to their home, without compromising quality, durability and versatility that you’d face with real vintage flooring.

See below where we best suggest this beautiful tile to go, alongside our top tips for styling it to suit any home.


What Is Distressed Wood?

Distressed wood is used as a collective term for wood and timber that has been salvaged or reclaimed from anything from boats, furniture, railway sleepers to old garden structures and has then been repurposed, usually for flooring.

As the wood is old, it’s usually coloured over time, seen lots of traffic and hence can be damaged or unevenly marked giving a mismatch effect. Though, when reclaimed and treated through care and cleaning, it can make for a stunning, unique feature to a room.

Before distressed wood effect tiles came about, real wood flooring was used. This often consisted of reused timber or other wood types, however, it's important to understand that although beautiful, real wood isn't suitable for all rooms in the home. Timber in a bathroom, though it may look great, is a recipe for disaster.

The condensation and any water spillages can warp the wood which can ruin its durability and lifespan, making it a short-lived investment. That’s where our distressed wood tiles come into play.


Where To Use These Tiles

Our selection of reclaimed wood tiles can be used on either the floor or the wall though that solely depends on the exact tile you’re looking at.

As well as our new Puzzlewood range, we offer a selection of other wood effect porcelain tiles including the Marks Grey range and more.

Each of our distressed tile ranges is made from either high-quality porcelain or ceramic to ensure you get a long-lasting, wood effect tile that will withstand the test of time and the changing elements within the home.

Plus, with their durability and strength, it makes these distressed wood tiles the perfect addition to a bathroom, kitchen, living room, hallway or other.

Marks Grey Lead wood-effect tiles

Get our expert opinion on how to style our new range of distressed wood effect tiles, below.


Styling Puzzlewood Tiles

Our choice of Puzzlewood tiles offers top quality, stylish wood effect porcelain tile, available in three earthy shades: birch, blue and grey. They each are sized at 150mm x 600mm to offer a long, plank-like tile that’s great for elongating a short floor space or used as a reclaimed wood backsplash in a kitchen.

Puzzlewood Taupe

With our Taupe selection of Puzzlewood tiles, we find their creamy, neutral tones are particularly popular thanks to their ability to bring additional heat to a room through the warm sunny tones within the wood.

Styling Puzzlewood Tiles

Style with complementing distressed wood table tops and work surfaces. Then, to contrast the wood look, you can add simple cream cupboard doors to balance out the mismatched pattern.

In keeping with the farmhouse style, we’ve added black iron pendant lights to add more materials that are familiar to a farm environment. This helps to tie the room into one, stunning yet simple theme.

The Puzzlewood Taupe tiles are also perfect for adding character to a smaller, terraced house where hallways may be narrow and short. Here it can be used to brighten the flooring, bring warmth and dimension whilst also creating an illusion of extra space.

Styling Puzzlewood Taupe Tiles

Puzzlewood Grey

Our Puzzlewood Grey wood effect tiles are slightly ashier compared to the Birch and so, offer a more luxurious feel to the room. This works excellently with a strict monochrome palette, making the most of all shades within the range black to white.

You can then add a pop of colour and life to the room through different materials such as slate worktops, wooden chopping boards, stone effect accessories and metallic iron taps and handles.

Styling Puzzlewood Grey Tiles

This colour palette works for both a kitchen or bathroom environment and can easily be given a splash of colour be swapping out the black furniture, towels and more for deep, blues or violet sapphires.


Puzzlewood Blue

Finally, with the Puzzlewood Blue range, we’ve demonstrated how this stunning tile can be used as both a distressed wall tile and distressed floor tile. When combined, this makes for a seamless finish between the floor and wall which creates an illusion of bigger bathroom space.

As this reclaimed wood tile has elements of blue within it, we suggest keeping the furnishings and decor very pale, using creams and whites to ensure the room doesn’t get overloaded with pattern and colour.

To give the room a chic, stylish feel you can also swap out the wicker baskets and paint-wash basins with modern grey basin as shown below.

This can avoid the room looking too vintage that is often achieved when there’s multiple distressed wood furnishings, tiling and similar.

Styling Puzzlewood Blue Tiles

To add a pop of colour, we’ve incorporated a small selection of plants and geometric, copper candle holders that can easily be used as room decor when placed on shelving and window ledges.



Why Tile Giant?

We offer extremely competitive pricing on our entire range of tiles and likewise, these distressed wood effect tiles are both competitive for retail and trade. Our stock is widely available in our 100+ showrooms which are open to browse at your leisure.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to shop Puzzlewood tiles online, we can supply you with samples delivered for free.

Not only that but Tile Giant also offer a buyback service on any unused tiles, meaning you get value for money.


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