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7 Ways To Stand Out With Geometric Tiles

Geometric tiles are the key to bringing playfulness and personality to your room. They’re often used as a feature wall, though these tiles give you the freedom to be creative and create bold, eye-catching displays in your home.


7 Ways To Stand Out With Geometric Tiles

Geometric tiles are the key to bringing playfulness and personality to your room. They’re often used as a feature wall, though these tiles give you the freedom to be creative and create bold, eye-catching displays in your home.

We’re taking you through styling our new ranges of geometric tiles in places you’ve never before imagined.

Yet, before we get into the nitty-gritty of styling these intriguing tiles, we’re sharing a short insight into how geometric patterns came onto the design scene and why they’re here to stay.


History of Geometric Tiles

We know that geometric tiles have been around for a long time. From the expensive styles during the Victorian era, the captivating patterns of the Taj Mahal to the fascinating symmetrical designs at the Moorish palaces of southern Spain. These tiles have been used to bring prestige and beauty to many buildings, royal, religious or residential.

Today’s styles play on this history to capture a sense of nostalgia, whilst modern twists such as sculptural qualities and 3D effects literally add a new dimension to the trend. You can find these styles in our three new ranges: Formentera, Ornamental and Adorne. See how to style these geometric tiles in unusual ways, below.


Styling Geometric Tiles

Adding geometric tiles to your home, regardless of its shape and size, can mesmerize your space and turn even the most mundane room into a stunning masterpiece. We’re counting down our 7 most creative ways you can spice up your living space with geometric tiles.

1. “Waterfall” Room Feature

One of the more quirky ways to use geometric tiles is in this “waterfall” pattern. You can do this by trickling a small, strip section of the pattern down the wall before they then splash on the entire floor. This works great in a bathroom to mimic the movement of dropping water in a unique, disguised way.

The below image shows our Formentera Geo Grey tiles used in this waterfall style. With us sticking to the same colour and pattern type, it gives it a sophisticated feel without being overdramatic.

Formentera Geo Grey Tile from Tile Giant

If you’re looking to add more colour to your room you can incorporate a mix of different geometric tiles assuming they’re all the same size and fit together, or stick to one tile range such as the Formentera geometric tiles and use the various styles within this range. This could help create a pattern similar to the below.

Collage of Formentera Tiles from Tile Giant

The above image combines the entire range of Formentera tiles including Formentera Geo, Formentera Petal and Formentera Warm Patchwork Mix.


2. Kitchen Splashback

Our second way to use geometric tiles is within the kitchen. You can make them look particularly effective when they’re added as a splashback and on the side of a kitchen island, windowsill or countertop.

Alternatively, you could also use our new Formentera Petal tiles as a full kitchen wall splashback. In the below example we’ve chosen the shade blue though they are also available in a statement grey. By using them to fill the width of the wall you’ll make it easier to clean any spills or splashes that are inevitable.

We’ve paired these tiles with gold furnishings and suggested using darker kitchen cabinets to avoid making the room look completely white-washed. However, this all-white look is becoming increasingly popular and makes a great canvas for adding in new decoration in the future.

Formentera Petal Blue as a splashback from Tile Giant

Alike the Formentera Petal tiles, we also stock two shades of Formentera Trellis tiles in blue and grey. Either of these tile ranges could be used to create a checkerboard effect pairing the two shades, blue and grey together. See below.

Formentera Blue and Grey tiles from Tile Giant


3. Black, Luxurious Bathroom

If you’re a big fan of Pinterest, you’ll see that black decor is challenging the stereotype of it being extremely dark and unflattering in a room. With that in mind, we’re taking on styling our Ornamental Granada tiles for a luxurious black bathroom.

For the majority of bathrooms, we find users opt for warm tones and bright whites to counteract the cool ocean blues that are stereotyped with a bathroom. However, we feel that choosing black can be just as warming as gold, orange or beige whilst also adding a touch of class.

Ornamental Granada Tiles from Tile Giant


4. Conservatory or Summer House

For those people who love the outdoors and gardening, you’ll often find them sitting in their conservatory observing nature or getting hands-on in their greenhouse. Nature blesses us with the utmost beauty and so, whether you’re admiring it or growing it, you can bring nature indoors by incorporating it into your decor.

Our Ornamental Howard Olive tiles are the perfect addition to a conservatory or garden summer house to spice up your floor space without overpowering the natural beauty of the plants and flowers that surround it.

Ornamental Howard Tiles from Tile Giant

You can then pair these tiles with golds, creams and browns to give your garden a neutral backdrop to work with. We also suggest adding shaggy textures to contrast the shiny, smooth plants outside. Opt for a cream shaggy rug and white noodle cushions, paired with glass furniture contained statement gold edging.


5. Fireplace Surround

Using our Adorne Leon tiles you can revamp an old fireplace to create a stunning surround in a mix of grey, white and brick-orange shades. We suggest pairing these tiles with metallic golds and texturised creams to bring diversity to the room.

Good To Know: These tiles are suitable for both floor or wall application.

As these geometric tiles include various swirl patterning, you can tone down the room by including clear top tables, glass front cabinets to avoid bringing too many colours or textures to the room. Then, the furnishings you choose to bring texture to the room should be smaller items such as the cushions and wall art.

Adorne Leon Tiles from Tile Giant


6. Lay On Your Stairs

Opposite to the warm, brick-orange shades within the Adorne Leon tiles, you can opt for cool-tones with Adorne Toledo tiles. These are a stunning neutral addition to your home, perfect for maintaining a balance within your hall or stairway.

With a slip rating of R10, these tiles are suitable for wall application as well as usage on the floor. Thus, to make your geometric tiles stand out, we recommend laying them on your stairs to bring drama to each step.

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Although they contain bold patterns, they include squares and clear crisp lining, rather than heavily swirled patterns which can sometimes be chaotic to the eye. The colour of these tiles is also minimal making it effortlessly blend into any room colour or type.

We’ve paired these tiles with black steel furniture and small plants and other accessories to add some personality to the hallway without cluttering it with meaningless items. Add your favourite books, picture frames, flowers or similar to make it your own.

Adorne Toledo Tiles from Tile Giant


7. Shower Cubicle

Finally, we’re adding a splash of creativity using our Adorne Pamplona tiles to a stereotypical, plain room of the house: a bathroom. This time we’re making the most of these stunning geometric tiles by laying them in a shower cubicle.

With an R rating of 10, you can apply these tiles to either the wall or the floor area of the shower cubicle as an alternative to a shower tray. You can then lay these tiles on the wall directly opposite, or an alternative wall where there are cupboards or a wash basin present.

This helps to tie in the decor of that particular living space keeping it to a consistent theme and making it look stylish.

Adorne Pamplona Tiles from Tile Giant


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Alternatively, if you’d prefer to shop geometric tiles online, we can supply you with samples delivered for free.

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