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The Natural Beauty of Rustic-Style Tiles & How To Style Them

We’ll take you through the history of this design, as well as showing you how to add and style rustic tiles in your home.


The Beauty of Rustic Tiles

There’s something about rustic decor that’s so effortlessly beautiful and perfect for bringing the warmth of the real world to your home. In a world that’s very much virtual, rustic style takes textures from the natural world around us to juxtapose our sometimes, technology dominated homes.

Rustic style transcends trends, which means choosing to undergo a rustic revamp will be worthwhile and long lasting. Its neutral colours blend in and complement any style of home, whilst bringing a modern, farmhouse feel to your rooms.

We’ll take you through the history of this design, as well as showing you how to add and style rustic tiles in your home.


Modern Take On Rustic Style

Rustic style is something that surrounds many of us whether it’s in our homes or places we visit. A recent trend has found many bars, restaurants and other commercial properties, taking on a modern twist to rustic style to bring a fresh, rough-yet-comforting feel to the places we eat, shop and socialise.

Styling rustic bars

Designers have taken inspiration from natural elements such as trees, stones and plants, to bring us repurposed, worn wooden beams, shelves and worktops and reclaimed metal stools and bannisters that each have a unique story to tell about their previous life.

This cleverly adds a concept of friendliness and organic warmth to these social spaces to make them feel lived in and homely and places you want to visit and socialise in.

Get More Inspiration: Visit Pinterest for more design ideas for rustic style bars.

So, knowing the beauty and inspiration behind the rustic style, it’s important to understand just how easy it is to add to your home. That is, without breaking a budget or needing to complete a full renovation. This can be done through the simple installation of wood-effect tiles.


Types of Rustic Style Tiles

At Tile Giant, we supply a comprehensive range of wood-effect tiles, perfect for transforming your hallway, kitchen or bedroom into a nature-inspired living space. Some of the most popular ranges include our Sequoia Wood Effect tiles, Eterna Wood Effect tiles and new release, Ordesa Bianco wood effect tiles.

Each comes in various shades from those with faint blue undertones to those with bright yet subtle hints of lime green. There’s something for all tastes. Not only this, but each range of tiles has slightly different patterns, true to that of the real wood grain.

Yet, if the tile was unfortunately damaged, you’d be able to get the exact match to replace it without it sticking out like a sore thumb. That can sometimes be the case for real wood flooring, particularly if it had been a number of months since it was first installed, as wood can discolour, fade or warp over time.

Why Use Tiles?

Aside from wood effect tiles being widely available in our various stores, there are many other benefits to using tiles to incorporate a rustic feel to your home:

  • Super easy to install using tile adhesive, grout and a few basic tiling tools.
  • Affordable investment and long-wearing, making them less prone to damage and discolouration ensuring a long life span.
  • Available in a range of finishes to suit your application, including matte, gloss and glaze.


How To Style Sequoia Tiles

More often than not, when people think of rustic style, it’s seen as dark and dingy. That’s usually due to the heavy feature of wood which can have a tendency to darken a room.

However, our selection of Sequoia tiles are perfect for not only bringing a rustic, farmhouse feel to your room, but their grey and white tones also light up your floors and walls, breathing life into the living space.

How To Style Sequoia Tiles

Build on this light and airy feel by opting for light coloured cupboard doors and furniture as well as pouring more light into your room with semi-ceiling windows. This will provide an elegant, modern-twist to your kitchen space whilst sticking to the stunning farmhouse style.


How To Style Eterna Tiles

Switching from the bright lime-grey Sequoia tiles, we stock a range of dark wood-effect tiles such as our Eterna tiles. The deeper shades of brown work nicely with autumnal tones such as orange and of course, the beloved olive and sage greens we associate with nature and plants.

Again, by incorporating furnishings that relate to nature in some way, such as a burnt orange doormat containing a textured floral pattern, plant pots mimicking the look of stone and paintings capturing the look and raised texture of tree bark.

How To Style Eterna Tiles

The image above highlights how unique installation of these tiles can make a beautiful feature on the floor, without the need for a rug or similar, to create a focal point. This way you don’t cover the natural beauty within the tiles.

In order to create this feature spot, you must lay the middle section of the tiles on a diagonal angle, some in a line bordering the angled tiles and the rest in a typical brick layout.


How To Style Ordesa Bianco Tiles

Finally, most of our wood-effect tiles are extremely versatile meaning you can use them both within the floor and the wall and in a range of rooms.

The below image shows that by combining Ordesa Bianco tiles on the floor with painted, grey wooden panels covering the lower part of the wall and the top half painted in faint baby pink, you can enlarge the room making it feel like a cosy yet spacious sleeping area.

The muted pinks paired with cross hatch pillows, thick, petal-shaped blankets and fluffy rugs, add different elements to the room, much like you’d find in a typical countryside surrounding.

How To Style Ordesa Tiles

To bring some warmth to the room, the bed frame and side dresser consist of creamy, beige shades to juxtapose the grey wood-effect tiles, and also look like pine wood.

This keeps the room rustic and modern whilst bringing another dimension of colour and texture, giving it more of a homely, pleasant aura.


Why Use Tile Giant?

We offer extremely competitive pricing on our entire range of tiles and likewise, these wood-effect, rustic floor and wall tiles are both competitive for retail and trade. Our stock is widely available in our 100+ showrooms which are open at convenient times to browse at your leisure.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to shop either range of wood-effect tiles online, we can supply you with samples delivered for free.

Not only that but Tile Giant also offer a buyback service on any unused tiles, meaning you get value for money.


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