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How To Bring Patterned Tiles Into New Places

Hard wearing, long-lasting and built to last. Our patterned tiles are great for both residential and commercial purposes. We're taking you through our favourites and latest releases from our patterned tiles range here.


How To Bring Patterned Tiles Into New Places

Patterned tiles are great for both residential and commercial purposes, offering a unique yet contemporary look. This is perfect for making your home or business stand out. They’re also built to be hard wearing and long-lasting, making them ideal for companies looking to incorporate stylish yet practical flooring or wall decor.

We’re taking you through the basics of patterned tiles, why it’s range of designs makes it so versatile for both domestic and home use and our expert opinions on how best to style these tiles.


Our Patterned Tiles

The latest additions to Tile Giant’s extensive range of patterned tiles include Chatsworth, Mr Jones and Wicker tiles from Laura Ashley. Each range can transform your home thanks to their intricate patterns offering a statement design piece, whilst their tough composition can suit various uses.

Each glaze and print decorated tile has a resistance to surface glaze wear (PEI) rating, this determines the areas within both residential and commercial properties for which they are suitable. Read on to find out more about PEI Ratings and our new collections of patterned tiles.


What Are PEI Ratings?

Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI) glazed tile ratings help users determine how resistant to wear over time each tile is. This is vital when you’re considering where you’d like to feature your tile as not every tile is suitable for all environments.

Tiles that experience high foot traffic should obviously be more resistant to wear than those that receive little foot traffic. So, in businesses like a salon, restaurant or similar, you’ll want to use a tile with a high PEI rating of 4 or 5.

Oppositely in a residential property, you can have a lower PEI ratings, 1 or 2, in areas such as en-suites, where there will only be light foot traffic. If used in a hallways or kitchen environments with external access, tiles will still need a higher PEI rating, 3 or 4, to ensure it’s suitable to resist the abrasive action of fine particles of grit brought in on the soles of shoes.

Grit is basically quartz, a hard mineral which is the basis of sandpaper and so over time, the action of grit on your shoe soles is like rubbing fine sandpaper over the tiles.

To ensure that our tiles are suitable for all areas within the home, Tile Giant’s glazed tiles have a minimum glaze wear rating of PEI 3.

Tile Suitability PEI Rating

  • PEI 0: Tiles with a PEI 0 rating are suitable for wall tiles only. They cannot withstand the wear and tear that occurs on flooring.
  • PEI 1: Tiles with PEI 1 ratings can be used on floor applications where traffic is very light and soft footwear only, will be used.
  • PEI 2: Tiles with PEI 2 ratings are suitable for bathrooms where individuals will have soft-soled or no footwear on. They can also be used on walls and other areas in the home where traffic is light.
  • PEI 3: These tiles are ideal for the average domestic home where traffic is light to moderate. PEI 3 ratings show that tiles can be used for countertops, walls and floors.
  • PEI 4: Tiles with PEI 4 ratings are highly suitable for all residential properties as well as medium commercial and light institutional applications. These include small offices, salons and similar.
  • PEI 5: PEI 5 ratings are the highest on the scale, perfect for heavy to extra heavy traffic. You can use these tiles in all residential, heavy commercial and institutional applications. e.g. hotel floors and shops.

Now you understand what you’re looking for when deciding where your tiles can be fitted, we’re taking a look at some of our patterned tile ranges and looking at the best ways to incorporate these into new, yet suitable places.


Chatsworth Patterned Tiles

Our Chatsworth patterned tiles include a modern take on a traditional, medieval-inspired tile. In a selection of grey shades, these tiles are a great neutral addition to any room whilst making a statement with the patterning.

They have a PEI rating of 5 which makes them perfect for a modern yet rustic bar, a popular interior trend at present. Chatsworth tiles effortlessly jazz up a floor space without being too overwhelming on the eye.

Chatsworth Patterned Tiles


Ornamental Patterned Tiles

The Ornamental patterned tiles effortlessly ooze luxury into your room, creating a high-end, elegant vibe. These tiles have a PEI rating of 4 so they’re suitable for heavier foot traffic applications like a hotel bathroom or hair salon where they’ll be exposed to high footfall and heavier footwear.

Though, due to their expensive look, we recommend using these tiles in high-end, big city hotels where guests pay greater prices and so, the hotel rooms are expected to be high-class.

Ornamental Patterned Tiles

We stock a selection of blue-toned Ornamental tiles that are great when combined with the pale blue furnishings, a colour stereotyped to be found in a bathroom and warm metallic shades to add to the royal, medieval theme.


Laura Ashley Mr Jones Patterned Tiles

Tile Giant have a wide choice of exclusive tiles from the well-known designer, Laura Ashley, including their range of Mr Jones patterned tiles.

The Mr Jones tiles are part of Laura Ashley heritage collection and come in two colourways; Dove Grey and Charcoal. Each shade is a staple neutral tone that with the stunning patterning, boasts luxury within the application.

The tiles feature a traditional yet geometric pattern - ideal for adding an element of exclusive design to any room. The cool neutral tones mean they will fit in well with all properties from more traditional to newer, contemporary homes.

Their PEI rating of 4 makes them ideal as a quirky yet neutral statement to a salon floor or spa facilities. Alternatively, they’d make a dramatic statement in a manor house, grand hotel reception or to jazz up your home’s hallway.

Laura Ashley Mr Jones Patterned Tiles

The Mr Jones range also includes matching splashbacks in each colourway, which could be used to tie the room together and keep consistency throughout.

Laura Ashley Mr Jones Patterned Tiles


Laura Ashley Wicker Patterned Tiles

Our second range of Laura Ashley tiles includes Wicker patterned tiles. With a PEI rating of 4, we recommend these tiles to be used within a semi-busy office environment or high-class restaurant, to bring prestige and elegance to floor and wall spaces.

Wicker patterned tiles are available in a choice of two colours: Graphite and Dove Grey. This makes them a go-to, neutral addition to create a focal point within a room, no matter the size.

You could opt for making a grand statement by covering a large flooring area in a kitchen or just add a touch of character by using it on the surround of a fireplace.

Laura Ashley Wicker Patterned Tiles


Why Tile Giant?

We offer extremely competitive pricing on our entire range of tiles and likewise, these unique, patterned tiles are both competitive for retail and trade. Our stock is widely available in our 100+ showrooms which are open to browse at your leisure.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to shop patterned tiles online, we can supply you with samples delivered for free.

Not only that but Tile Giant also offer a buyback service on any unused tiles, meaning you get value for money.


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