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NEW! Tile Range Inspired By Victoria Baths

Tile Giant is proud to announce a new collection inspired by one of the most iconic buildings in the UK - Manchester’s Victoria Baths, launching in December 2018.

New Victoria Baths Range from Tile Giant

Tile Giant is proud to announce a new collection inspired by one of the most iconic buildings in the UK - Manchester’s Victoria Baths.

Launching in December 2018, the new collection will include 50 new tiles varying in six different sizes and styles, spanning across seven primary colour schemes. Like the Baths themselves, the unique new tile range features a whole host of hues from deep glazed green designs to rich terracotta and ochre colours and more.


About Victoria Baths

Described as Manchester’s ‘Water Palace’, Victoria Baths first opened its doors in 1906 but closed in 1993. Since then, its part-restoration has enabled the space to be open to the public as a heritage visitor attraction, an events venue and a location for many TV and film productions.

The long-term aim is to reopen the building back to its former glory and we’re proud to back the campaign by contributing a percentage of each tile sold from this range back to the Victoria Baths Trust.

Victoria Baths range from Tile Giant

Image Source: Visit Manchester

James Heese, managing director of Tile Giant, says: “Our designers spent time on site at Victoria Baths to soak in the very best in this classic British design. When you walk through the doors of the Baths, you are transported to another era of elegance.

Victoria Baths interior range from Tile Giant

Image Source: iNews

“The Edwardian design and architectural inspiration of this new range will mean that homeowners will feel a sense of stepping into history while maintaining design that translates into modern day living.”


The Victoria Baths Collection From Tile Giant

Within the Victoria Baths collection are seven impressive colour schemes with inspiration taken from the Baths themselves. Each colour reflects the aesthetic seen across the Baths’ grandiose interior and allows you to bring a touch of classic Edwardian architecture into your home. Here's a sneak preview of some of our favourites below.

Bevel Teal

Our Bevel Teal tile offers majestic, sea blue hues that captivate your living space, making a bright, bold statement like no other. In a bevelled texture, you can create depth and dimension to your walls in a way that mimics the waves found in the Victoria Baths swimming pools.

The Bevel Teal tile is perfectly suited to jazz up a plain, boring bathroom and works excellently when paired with patterned tiles such as our Seaford Marine. The combination of teal tones and decorative patterning is stereotypically Victorian, though can be easily styled to your taste to give a beautiful, modern twist on this beloved building.

Bevel Teal Victoria Baths Tile from Tile Giant


Bevel Mustard

Our Bevel Mustard tile was created with the charming exterior of the Victoria Baths in mind and so came the birth of this vibrant, happy orange shade. Representing, joy, freshness and energy, this is a great tile to add into many places in the home creating positivity within each space.

Style with black and white furnishings to create a dramatic contrast to the orange and really let the colour do the talking.

Tip: Add patterned accessories in small numbers to ensure attention is kept on these bright orange tiles. It’ll also help to avoid convoluting the room with too many focal points.

Bevel Mustard Victoria Baths range from Tile Giant


Bevel Vintage Green

Our final favourite pick we thought to mention is our Bevel Vintage Green tile, probably the one that best represents the mesmerising interior of Victoria Baths.

In a truly unique emerald green, this shade can be originally found in the stairways of the Baths, decorating the bannisters, outlining the archways and more. Today, we suggest adding it into your kitchen, an en-suite or similar.

Pair with deeper greens, bright golds, coppers or purples to bring extra colour to the room in a complementary way.

Bevel Green Victoria Baths range from Tile Giant


How To Find Out More

The Trust runs public events at Victoria Baths including weekly guided tours from April to November and welcomes group tours by arrangement. Find out more here.

Our new Victoria Baths tiles will be available in our 100+ showrooms, which are open at convenient times to browse at your leisure.

Alternatively, you'll be able to shop the full range of Victoria Baths tiles online and we can supply you with samples delivered for free.


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