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3 Clever Ways to Maximise Your Bathroom Space Using Textured Tiles

Textured tiles are becoming more and more popular and are the perfect answer to keep your interiors on trend by subtly adding interest and new textures in your bathroom. We’ll take a look at why textured tiles work so well in a bathroom along with a few different ways you can use them to help maximise your space.

Creating contrast using different textures is an increasingly popular home interior trend, but we think this trend shouldn’t be limited to your living room or bedroom. 

Textured tiles are becoming more and more popular and are the perfect answer to ‘get the look’ by subtly adding interest and new textures in your bathroom.

The versatility of textured tiles has meant they’ve grown massively in popularity over the past 12 months. Their 3D surfaces and structured designs make it easy to add interest and an extra dimension to your bathroom or kitchen. Plus, with so many different varieties of textured tile on offer, from wave or linear designs to mosaics, there’s an option suited to all tastes, budgets and styles of home. 

We’ll take a look at why textured tiles work so well in a bathroom along with a few different ways you can use them to help maximise your space.

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Why Use Textured Tiles in Your Bathroom?

Although textured tiles can be used in a number of areas around your home, we think they are best suited to the bathroom.

Bathrooms are often the smallest rooms in a house and so require a bit more care and planning to help make the most of the space available, textured tiles are the perfect option to achieve this. Working with a small space means it’s important to think about the colours and textures you’re using and consider how you can trick the eye to maximise your space...

Create an illusion

Many textured tiles will feature horizontal lines or wave designs which help to draw the eye length-ways across the room creating the illusion of a larger space. 

Elongate your room

Another great feature of textured tiles is that lots of them come in a rectangular format. A top tip when working with rectangular textured tiles is to lay them widthways which helps to elongate the room. 

Bounce light

A common theme of textured tiles is their light and neutral shades, leaving their structured designs to do the talking. To maximise the space of a small bathroom it’s crucial that you choose brightening shades to help bounce light. 

Introducing the Matlock Textured Tile Range

The Matlock tile range features textured tiles with a subtle linear pattern on a soft matt background. They come in a 25x50 cm rectangular format, ideal for lengthening and elongating your space.

There are 4 colours available in the Matlock range; White, Cream, Mink and Grey. All colourways of the Matlock tiles are sophisticated neutral shades that will effortlessly add simple elegance and warmth to any room. 

If you don’t want to stick to just one shade, these tiles can be mixed or matched to create your own unique design. We think the White & Grey tiles work perfectly together for an on-trend cool toned look whilst the Mink & Cream tiles complement each other well, creating a timeless warm neutral feel.Matlock Tiles | Textured Tiles

Featured Products: Matlock White, Matlock Grey, Matlock Cream, Matlock Mink

 The Matlock tiles are suitable for use on walls in both kitchens and bathrooms with their timeless design and neutral colours meaning they will naturally coordinate with any style of home.

3 Ways to Maximise Your Bathroom Space Using Textured Tiles

Now we know why textured tiles are a great choice for your bathroom, we’ll take a look at how you can use them to create the illusion of a larger room.

1. Make a Statement

Use textured tiles to create a feature wall or backsplash to break up your wall space. The shapes and patterns found within textured tiles create a sense of movement and add interest to your walls, helping a small space look larger than it is.

We love the look of a feature wall using the Grey textured Matlock tiles but another way to create a feature wall or backsplash is to use two colours and create a statement stripe within the tile layout. The stripe effect helps to draw the eye lengthways across the room and this look can be easily achieved using a mixture of the Grey and White Matlock tiles.

2. Get Co-ordinated

 Use floor tiles in a matching shade to your textured bathroom wall tiles to create an almost seamless effect with the floor and walls flowing into one another. 

We’ve opted for the Matlock Cream tiles on the walls, so to complement this colourway and create the seamless transition, you could pair with either the Brooklyn Lux Glazed tiles in cream for a more luxurious finish or the Axis natural-stone effect tiles in cream for a timeless feel.

3. Mix & Match 

Mix and match your tiles using the same style of tile in different shades. By using complementary tones of the same tile in different areas of your bathroom, you break up the room with colour blocking which distracts the eye and helps elongate your wall space.

Using the Matlock White tiles on the walls and the Matlock Grey tiles on the side of the bath is an easy way to mix and match the tiles within the range and break up the room. 

Another way you could do this would be to use a darker shade to create a feature column behind your bath or in your shower. Tiling in different shades above and below the dado rail or only below the dado rail is another simple way to use multiple colourways to break up your space.

Why Tile Giant?

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