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How To Style Large Format Tiles

To learn why large format tiles allow you to create this sleek architectural feel in your home, it’s important you understand what they are and of course, how to style them.


How To Style Large Format Tiles

A trend that’s recently swooped the interior design front is clean, contemporary ‘architectural’ living spaces.

This contemporary look is often featured on home improvement and renovation programmes which feature brave homeowners venturing into unique and somewhat wild, property developments using materials that might be considered unorthodox for traditional homes.

Through exposing materials such as concrete, natural stone, metal or wood, they can achieve a fantastic, contemporary look for their forever home.

For the average homeowner, realistic replicas are required to achieve this modern, architectural-inspired finish. Thankfully, with our ever growing stock of affordable large format tiles, particularly those in wood-effect, we can help you achieve your contemporary interior goals.

To learn why large format tiles allow you to create this sleek architectural feel in your home, it’s important you understand what they are and of course, how to style them.


What Is A Large Format Tile?

A large format tile is considered to be any shape of tile with at least one side longer than 15”. It was initially created in the size 24 x 24 though we’re often finding the bigger, the better. We now stock large format tiles ranging up to 200 x 1200 in size.

According to The Tile Association, a large format tile is any tile that has one length greater than 600mm or an area over 3500cm2. These tiles first came onto the scene in the UK after storming the European trends. Tile Giant now stocks the Ciminia range which is a 200 x 1200mm tile

Plus, their versatility means you can use them for both floor and wall use, meaning you can create a range of looks including the seamless floor to wall finish that many top architects love.


Our Styling Tips

Our growing range of large format tiles includes 3 brand new ranges: Massimina, Cimina and Umbra tiles.

If you’re looking to install these feature tiles into your home but aren’t sure where to start, here are our top tips to best style these versatile tiles before you get your hands on them.

1. Massimina Large Format Tiles

Our Massimina tiles are available in a range of wood-effect shades: Ash, Oak, Multi-Wood Grey, Brown and Multi Wood Brown. They each contain fine line detailing to create a wood-effect whilst looking sleek and stylish.

Although stunning in their individual shades, we love mixing and matching these tiles together to jazz up the floor space, whilst keeping it high-class and edgy. In the below example, you can see a room set using the Multi Wood Grey large format tiles.

When it comes to room decor, we’re taking the linear detailing in the tiles and adding geometric style lamps, wall art, coasters and even cushions to add to this theme.

We also find that with the beautiful, black shades in the tiles, you can really bring a luxury look to your home by adding the always-on-trend, animal print.

We’re ditching the beloved leopard print and opting for faux cow print and faux zebra print to add textures to your home and soften the clean-cut edges in the geometric accessories.

2. Ciminia Large Format Tiles

If you’re looking for a warmer, wood-effect tile, our Cimina large format tiles are available in three shades: Cedar, Aspen and Acacia. Each colour is a slightly different creamy, mousey brown tone, making them great additions to your floor space.

Despite complementing any room type, we feel the Ciminia Cedar tiles are best suited to a kitchen area. With the in-depth wood-effect detail, this effortlessly creates a warm and country-pile feel to any kitchen, whilst remaining modern and stylish.

Pair these tiles with wooden chopping boards, copper coloured tea towels and a glass-top dining table to bring a natural feel your home.

Whether you have glossy, modern kitchen cupboards or a classic, country style, you can choose your kitchen appliances and furnishings to suit.

In the above example, we’ve chosen polished black stools and a high-tech built-in oven to fit the slick white kitchen sides.

3. Umbra Large Format Tiles

Our Umbra large format tiles come in three shades: White, Grey and Black. Just like our Massimina tiles, these are great when paired together to neatly divide the room without the need of skirting boards, different coloured paints and similar.

As these tiles are all large format tiles, installing them is easy and you don’t need to switch up your installation method which you may have to do if working with different size styles.

Sticking to the white and black colour scheme, you can diversify the room through your accessories and furniture. For example, incorporating different style storage units, one in wood-effect one in white metal or black, thin geometric style shelves and wall art.

We also find that in a bathroom, adding plants or greenery, real or artificial, can bring a fresh feel to the room as well as adding both colour and texture.

Why Use Tile Giant?

We offer extremely competitive pricing on our entire range of tiles and likewise, these large format tiles are both competitive for retail and trade. Our stock is widely available in our 100+ showrooms which are open to browse at your leisure.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to shop large format tiles online, we can supply you with samples delivered for free.

Not only that but Tile Giant also offer a buyback service on any unused tiles, meaning you get value for money.


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