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Expand Your Living Space with ‘Dover’ Large Format Tiles

Expand Your Living Space with ‘Dover’ Large Format Tiles

There are plenty of ways to expand your living space with clever design, well chosen furniture and accessories to trick the eye.  See how large format tiles can help complement your garden too...

expand your living spaceWe don’t all have the luxury of a huge living space or garden to chill out in, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a small garden feel welcoming and a great place to relax in the warmer months.

There are plenty of ways to expand your living space with clever design and well chosen furniture and accessories to trick the eye.

We’ll take a look at how expanding your living space can be beneficial to your wellbeing as well as a couple of easy ways to maximise the space you have available.

Using large format tiles to expand your space

Large format tiles are the perfect option to help expand your living space and create the illusion of an area that is much bigger than it really is.

Using large format tiles means there are fewer joins which makes the floor flow easily without disruption.

The large surface area also makes the space look cleaner and uncluttered helping to give the illusion of a wider open space.

Good to know: Large format tiles are easy to maintain; there is less grout due to fewer joints so keeping them looking fresh can be easier than with regular tiles.

Benefits of expanding your living space

Expanding your living space enables you to integrate your home and garden, maximising the space you have available to provide an additional area of your home to chill out in.

For those of us who live in cities with restricted garden space or homes with small courtyard gardens, expanding your living space by integrating it into your garden is a simple and practical way to make the most of the space you have available.

Take a look at Pinterest for inspiration to expand your living space and transform your courtyard garden into a beautiful, yet practical area. Use large format tiles to create the illusion of a large, clear floor space.


Pinterest inspiration: If you’re a fan of Pinterest, browse Tile Giant's page to get some more interior style inspiration.

Make use of walls and borders you have available to create built-in seating areas and plant wall-climbing flowers to add colour and greenery without compromising space.

We’ve looked at the practical benefits of expanding your living space, but there are lots of other reasons to go ahead and make the most of your space.

Expanding your living space gives you the room to spend more time outdoors which can be great for your mental wellbeing.

It’s a well known fact that getting fresh air and being outdoors with nature can help improve your wellbeing and get you in a great frame of mind.

It can help improve concentration levels and even promote better sleep if you’d normally spend your downtime indoors.

Keep reading if you’re looking for some ideas and inspiration to transform your garden into an additional living space, perfect for relaxing with nature.

Introducing the NEW Dover Range

The Dover range of tiles are part of our Homes & Gardens collection, an exclusive selection of tiles suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Our Dover tiles are a large format 75x75cm square tile available in two colour options; White and Smoke.

Dover tiles are premium porcelain tiles, giving a natural stone effect. Available in coordinating indoor and outdoor tile formats, the Dover range allows you to create stunning living spaces that wow from house to garden.

Featured products: Dover White Tiles, Dover Smoke Tiles

As with all tiles in the Homes & Gardens collection, the Dover range offers durability and slip resistance with easy to clean, algae & moss resistant and frostproof properties.

They’re also simple to install making them a practical yet beautiful addition to your indoor or outdoor space.

Please note that only the 20mm versions are suitable for installing outside.  For full fitting details, refer to this helpsheet.

How to expand your living space with Dover tiles

Create a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors

One of the simplest ways to expand your living space is by creating a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing them to merge into one larger space.

We’ve opted for the Dover tiles in the White colourway to expand this living space - using large format tiles in a light neutral shade makes the space feel bright and airy.

By using the same tiles throughout the kitchen and outdoor patio the two spaces flow into each other, creating one larger and expanded area.

We’ve accessorised using simple rattan style furniture in complementary neutral shades and garden mirrors to help bounce light and make the space feel bigger.

Create an illusion of a larger space

Smaller living spaces and gardens can be expanded by clever use of furniture and accessories to create the illusion of a larger space.

Using the Dover Smoke tiles, we’ve styled this courtyard garden to maximise the space available and turn it into a relaxing living space. Using wall climbing plants adds greenery and an element of nature to make the space feel tranquil, without compromising on the floor space available.

Again, we’ve used the same tiles outdoors as indoors, but this time the tiles are laid on colour coordinating stone chippings. This adds extra texture, giving the outdoor space another dimension and helping to draw the eye horizontally - adding to the illusion of a larger space.

Feeling inspired to transform your outdoor space with large format tiles? Share your snaps with us by tagging us on Instagram.

Why Tile Giant?

We offer extremely competitive pricing on our entire range of tiles and our Dover range is ideal for both retail and trade customers. You can browse our new Homes & Gardens range in our 90+ showrooms which are open to browse at your leisure.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to shop our tiles online, we can supply you with 3 free cut samples delivered for free.

Not only that but Tile Giant also offer a buyback service on any unused tiles (T&Cs apply), meaning you get great value for money.

To keep your outdoor tiles in the best condition, LTP Mouldex Paving Cleaner provides a powerful cleaning effect against mould spores and algae.

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