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How To Choose Staircase Tiles

How To Choose Staircase Tiles

Staircases don’t need to be boring! Read on to see our tips on how to choose the best staircase tiles for a unique and impressive staircase transformation.

Grand feature staircases are iconic in lots of places and there's no reason why that’s not possible to recreate at home. 

When we first walk through the front door of many homes, we are greeted with the staircase, so they shouldn’t be forgotten about when we decorate. Why not break away from the norm by creating a showstopping staircase and unleash your inner interior designer?

Staircases can be a tricky area to redecorate, so we’ve got some tips on where to start when choosing your staircase tiles.


Things to think about

Visual continuity 

Your stairs really are the centrepiece of your home; connecting all floors of the house together. Therefore, it’s important that there is an element of continuity between the rooms and floors they are connecting.

It may look fragmented going from one style, material or colour to another in the next room. So make sure your chosen staircase tiles compliment the rest of your home.

The staircases should act as a way to encourage a sense of continuity throughout your home and flow well into the adjacent rooms.


Suitability of the tile

As with any other area of your home, you should consider the placement of tiles and the best size and material for their usage.

Staircases are a heavy traffic area, so the tiles laid there should be made from a durable and sturdy material. This will ensure that they are strong enough to uphold the amount of use they will get, with lots of people walking over them.

We also have a wide variety of anti-slip tiles available. Despite not being a typically wet area like a bathroom or kitchen, you may consider anti-slip tiles for the staircase for extra safety after cleaning.  


Consider the view from another level

You can really show your flair for creativity when using tiles as a feature on your staircase. 

Consider your tiles from the bottom of the staircase, and how they would look front-facing. An unusual patterned tile can add a contemporary twist to the area, and look really aesthetically pleasing to the eye. 


Prioritise your safety

If you are unsure about the best type or style of tile to use on your staircase, contact us to discuss the best staircase tiles currently available.


Tips and styles


Bringing the outdoors in

If you have steps outside leading up to your front door, you could use the same tiles from outside or within your porch area, and bring them indoors. 

Using the same style tiles from outside in your hallway and on your stairs will help with continuity of style and is a super modern concept - for a true Pinterest-worthy home.


Statement steps

Create a patterned paradise with contemporary style tiles. A monochrome colour scheme can look timeless and classic, yet by making use of your staircase can provide an ultra-modern and unique aesthetic. 

This look can be brilliantly achieved using the porcelain Chatsworth Cavendish tiles. With their vintage-inspired design, this is a perfect style tile to add a modern twist in your staircase area. 


Bursting with colour

Fill your stairs with some colourful tiles to make them appear taller and make the room feel bigger, changing the whole look and feel of the stairway. Our Victoria Pink tiles are a perfect example of a tile that will add a soft but impactful dash of colour to your home.

Be creative - you can use a different colour on each step or keep the colour theme consistent with other rooms. A wonderful way to add some brightness to your stairs and show off a bit of your personality.


Don’t forget…

When tiling your stairs you will need to use a metal trim, to protect the tile and create a safe edge to each step. If you’re only tiling the front facing part of the stair, make sure that the top of the stair has some overhang over the riser to protect the tiles. Alternatively, you could use a mixture of the two and use a step edge.



Stairs don’t need to be boring. See what you can do with a narrow space, with a little thought and the right staircase tiles, you may just be surprised at the makeover you could give your staircase.

We’d love to see how you have added your unique style to your staircase, so please tag us in your project pictures on social media.

If you’d like to transform your staircase, but you’re still not sure of which staircase tiles would be best to use, contact us to speak to one of our expert advisors.

Need further help? Contact our customer service team on 0345 307 5000 or

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