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The Best Pet Friendly Flooring For Dogs & Cats

Many homeowners with pets are now opting against carpets and laminates. So, if you’re considering updating your flooring here’s how tiles can be a pet friendly flooring option.

The Best Pet Friendly Flooring For Dogs & Cats

The UK is undoubtedly a nation of pet lovers, with around 16 million of us owning a dog or a cat, according to research carried out in 2017.

Whilst adding a cat flap or dog-proofing the staircase are common steps to take when helping to integrate your new furry friend into the home, many of us might not consider the effect that flooring can have under paws.

Among the worst types of flooring for pets are hardwood and laminate flooring. These can be slippery underfoot and warp if liquids are left unattended to after any unwanted accidents.

Pet owners should also consider avoiding thick carpets which can accidentally be caught by claws or intentionally scratched and damaged. Plus, they often stain badly from mud and other debris if left untreated.

Many homeowners with pets are now opting against carpets and laminates. So, if you’re considering updating your flooring here’s how tiles can be a pet-friendly flooring option.


1. Pick Claw-Proof Tiles

Flooring constructed of softer materials such as hardwood and laminate can easily scratch by your pet’s claws, leading to unsightly marks and damage.

Hard, glazed ceramic tiles and stronger porcelain tiles can withstand this type of damage and so, mean your floor will remain scratch free, regardless of how many four-legged friends are in the house.

We offer various tiles that mimic the beautiful wood-effect found in laminate flooring, without compromising the longevity of the product. In the below example you’ll find our Eterna Roble wood-looking glazed tile, a popular alternative.

Eterna Roble Wood Effect Porcelain Wall and Floor Tile

Even if it looks as though scratch marks are showing on ceramic and porcelain tiles, these are actually just a fine layer of claw left behind after impact. Using strong cleaning products such as LTP Grimex and an emulsifying pad can help to remove this.

Another recommended tile: Dotti Dark Grey R10A 300x300


2. Avoid Scratches from Food Bowls

Likely to be more of an issue for big dog owners, or extremely hungry smaller dogs, metal or ceramic water bowls pushed around the floor when eating, can lead to scratching and chipping.

With a hard wearing surface, porcelain tiles offer the best protection against this type of damage and choosing a mid-tone, patterned tile disguises any surface abrasion.

Gradino Beige Porcelain Wall and Floor Tile

If you’re not planning to replace your flooring, an easier workaround is to simply use a non-slip mat.

Recommended tile: Gradino Beige 300x300

3. Reduce Stains from Unwanted Accidents

Almost all pet owners have experienced the dreaded accident where your pooch didn’t quite make it out to the garden.

Not only is cleaning the mess up unpleasant, if left unattended discolouration can occur as when urine dries, it raises in alkalinity levels reaching a similar strength as bleach.

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are both liquid proof and chemical resistant, which makes them easy to clean and avoid unsightly discolouration but as grout may also be affected in colour it’s very important to select your grout carefully.

Gradino Beige Porcelain Wall and Floor Tile Grout

Recommended: LTP Grout & Tile Protector Aerosol


4. Choose Slip-Resistant Tiles

Smooth, hard surfaces can cause pets to slip and slide across the floor as their paws are not designed to deal with such little traction underfoot.

Pets slipping or falling can lead to bruising, pulled muscles or even bone injuries whilst older pets might find it a struggle to stand up after lying down if they can’t find their grip.

A ceramic or porcelain tile with a slip rating of R10 or above can help reduce the potential for slipping, particularly when wet, and provide the extra traction pets need.

Flysch Beige Porcelain Wall and Floor Tile

Recommended tile: Flysch Beige


Summarised Tips

If you’re not planning to replace your flooring anytime soon then there are some simple steps you can take to make your home a bit more pet-friendly.

1 - Trim claws - keeping claws trimmed will help them movie across hard flooring easier and reduce the risk of snagging on the carpet.

2 - Keep on top of spills - even with proper house training, accidents can happen so make sure you quickly clean up spillages and use the right type of cleaner for your floor.

3 - Vacuum regularly - balls of hair, fur and dirt can build up over time so make sure you keep on top of vacuuming.

4 - Use door and bowl mats - when coming back from a muddy walk, use a doormat to help take some of the dirt off their paws and a non-slip mat under a food bowl can help to reduce scratching and splashing.


By choosing the right flooring for your home and your four-legged friend, you can avoid any unwanted damage and make your home a more pet-friendly place.

Still unsure of which tiles would suit you and your pet best? Contact our friendly team today or visit your nearest Tile Giant store.

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