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The Beauty & Benefits of Stone Effect Tiles

The Beauty & Benefits of Stone Effect Tiles

If you’re considering investing in natural stone tiles, discover the benefits of stone effect tiles and how they could be the ideal cost-effective alternative option

Whilst natural stones like marble and granite may look beautiful and instantly add opulence to your interiors, they can be a big investment to make. In recent years, stone effect tiles have become a more popular option with their durability and lower costs making them a perfect alternative.

If you’re considering investing in natural stone tiles, keep reading to discover the benefits of stone effect tiles and how they could be the ideal cost-effective alternative option for your home.

Benefits of Stone Effect Tiles

Stone effect tiles combine the luxe aesthetics of natural stone with the practical benefits of porcelain tiles. As well the added durability and lower costs of using stone effect porcelain tiles, there are a number of other benefits to consider.

They are durable

The durability of stone effect porcelain tiles is one of their biggest draws. Natural stones like marble and travertine can scratch and mark easily, so when used in high traffic areas, it doesn’t take long for them to start looking worn.

Stone effect tiles made from high-quality porcelain are highly durable meaning they are great for use in high traffic areas and will stand the test of time.

They are easy to maintain

Marble, travertine and other natural stone materials require lots of upkeep and maintenance like sealing and filling to keep them looking their best.

Where natural stone can be very high maintenance, stone effect tiles require very little upkeep - just clean them regularly like you would any other tiled area. They are an easy-to-maintain option which will remain looking in top condition for years to come.

They look realistic

Advanced inkjet printing technology means that stone effect tiles can be produced to look incredibly realistic. They make it possible to achieve a look so close to natural stone that many won’t be able to tell a difference.

The veining and intricate details found in the likes of marble and granite can now be replicated using these advanced printing methods to create porcelain tiles that look as beautiful as the real thing.

They are cost effective

Natural stone materials can cost up to £315 per square metre, so can be a pricey addition to your interior decor. Our stone effect porcelain tiles cost between £50 and £90 per square metre, making them a much more cost-effective choice.

Combine the great price point with their easy maintenance, durability and beautiful looks, we think that choosing stone effect tiles is a no brainer.

Introducing the Supreme Tile Range

The Supreme range comprises stunning stone effect tiles, with a marble look to add an instant ‘wow’ factor and luxurious element to any room. These tiles are made from high-quality Italian porcelain and are printed using advanced inkjet technology to produce their incredibly realistic appearance. Suitable for both walls and floor, the Supreme tiles effortlessly elevate any room in your home and give it a high-end hotel feel.

They’re available in a choice of three colours; Charcoal, Grey and Silver with soft tones to complement any style of home, whether more traditional or super modern. There are also two finishes to choose from in this range with all colourways coming in both a matt and polished finish.

Featured products: Supreme Charcoal Tiles and Supreme Silver Tiles

The Supreme range offers its three shades and two finishes of tile in a variety of large format sizes. Choose from a large format 60x60cm square tile, a 60x120cm rectangular tile and a smaller 30x60cm tile. Whether you have a standout favourite from the range or choose to mix the shades, sizes or finishes, these tiles offer endless design possibilities.

Styling the Supreme Range

Our Supreme tiles are suitable for use across the home, from kitchens and bathrooms to hallways, living rooms or conservatories. No matter where you use these tiles, they’re sure to add the desired ‘wow’ factor and make a style statement.

We’ve chosen our favourite places to use Supreme tiles in the home to offer some easy styling advice and inspiration.

Aside from bathrooms, one of the most popular places tiles are used in the home is the kitchen. They’re usually areas of high traffic and are prone to spills so tiles are the perfect choice with their durable and easy-to-clean properties.

We’ve opted for Charcoal Supreme tiles in the largest size for the kitchen, using the darker grey tones to offset the white centre island. We’ve continued this contemporary monochromatic colour palette throughout, accessorising with black and white kitchen appliances and adding modern furniture and lighting fixtures with clean lines.

Featured product: Supreme Charcoal Tiles

The Supreme tiles also look effortlessly beautiful in hallways, making a statement as you enter the home. We chose the Supreme Silver tiles and opted for the polished finish to create this grand entrance hall, emulating the look of a high-end hotel.

We wanted to keep this area bright and airy so used light grey and silver tones throughout. Adding a large panelled mirror above the console table will really help to bounce light and maximise the space. We added a hallway runner in complementing tones to the tiles and accessories in a variety of textures to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, despite the cool-grey colour choice.

Featured product: Supreme Silver Tiles

The bathroom is the most common place tiles are used in the home, with their water-resistant properties making them the perfect easy-to-maintain option. We’ve opted for the Supreme tiles in Matt Grey, the perfect mid-grey shade to complement any style of property.

Use the tiles on both the walls and floor for a sophisticated and co-ordinated overall look. We chose a charcoal grey sink console to complement the tones of the tiles, whilst being dark enough to stand out. Adding leafy plants or succulents and soft furnishings in a forest green shade brings some colour and life to the room.

Featured product: Supreme Grey Tiles

Love this look? Get inspired to create an on-trend grey bathroom with our recent 'Trend Watch’ blog post.

Why Tile Giant?

We offer extremely competitive pricing on our entire range of tiles and our Supreme tiles are both competitive for retail and trade.

Our stock is widely available in our 90+ showrooms which are open to browse at your leisure.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to shop our tiles online, we can supply you with up to 3 free cut samples delivered for free.

Not only that but Tile Giant also offer a buyback service on any unused tiles (T&Cs apply), meaning you get great value for money.

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