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Top 5 Benefits of Outdoor Tiles

Outdoor tiles can give your garden clear edges and defined sections for different garden activities. There are so many benefits to using outdoor tiles, so let’s take a quick look at just a few of them.


Top 5 Benefits of Outdoor Tiles

With summer coming to an end, it's the time of year when people start to turn their minds to planning an overhaul of the long-neglected outside spaces, especially before another long, drawn-out winter.

As a homeowner there’s no better time to inject some love back into your forgotten garden, to get it ready in plenty of time for another BBQ season, cocktails or some simple al fresco time with family, friends and neighbours.

Although giving your backyard an overhaul might seem daunting, turning your outside space into a summer sanctuary is easier than you think.

Whether your garden is big or Bijou, using outdoor tiles as part of your garden decor can be both stylish and functional. Outdoor tiles can give your garden clear edges and defined sections for different garden activities.

Whether you want a flat space for a garden table, a terrace for sunbathing or slip-resistant tiles around your pool, outdoor tiles are incredibly versatile garden materials.

There are so many benefits to using outdoor tiles, so let’s take a quick look at just a few of them.


1. Anti-slip properties

Decking made of wood or plastic can be incredibly slippery when wet, greatly increasing the potential for slip related accidents.

That’s why choosing to cover your outside areas with specialist reduced slip tiles can be a safe and stylish solution to this problem. All Tile Giant's outdoor tiles have been certified with a minimum rating of R10, with many exceeding this, ensuring a combination of aesthetic excellence and necessary safety.

Recommended tile: Materia Gris 20mm


2. Indoors to outdoors flow

If you’re trying to create a seamless journey between the indoor and outdoor areas in your home, outdoor tiles can help you achieve this.

Using the same or similar tiles to the floor tiles inside your home or extension can help create a uniformed transition your between internal and external areas.

However, this flow doesn't need to be limited only to your floor tiles, we stock a variety of coordinating floor and wall tiles that can be used to help create even greater uniformity and flow between your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Using suitable outdoor floor and wall tiles to extend your indoor areas to your outdoor space is a creative and a stylish way to promote continuous open-plan living. Help connect and increase the size of your dining or living space with gorgeous outdoor floor tiles this summer.

Recommended tile: Flysch Beige


3. Diverse design selections

When it comes to choosing the right outdoor tiles to use to spruce up your garden space, it’s important your vision isn’t constrained by a limited range.

Tile Giant stock a wide selection of external floor tiles which are available in a huge range of sizes, colours and styles including marble and stone effects.

Outdoor tiles are an effective, efficient and low-cost way to spruce up your tired and drab outdoor slabs. Whether you’re searching for a traditional tile or a more glamorous option, there’s something to satisfy everyone.

Recommended tile: Cover Light Grey


4. Textured tiles

Achieving the right look for your garden space is dependent not only on the colour of the tiles but it’s also inherently tied up in the texture of the tiles you choose. A major benefit of using outdoor tiles as opposed to other garden materials is that they come in a range of different potential textures dependent on the intended use.

At Tile Giant, we have a wide range of textured tiles to choose from. For example there are our flat tiles, which are there to ensure comfortable usability even when shoes are not being worn. In addition to this, we also stock textured and more slip-resistant outdoor tiles. Our range also includes both glazed and unglazed varieties to ensure the most desired finish.

Recommended tile: Dotti Coround Dark Grey Matt


5. Minimal maintenance

Outdoor porcelain tiles are resistant to frost and staining, giving the peace of mind that your idyllic garden won’t be ravaged by the winter elements.

Outdoor tiles can help ensure that your garden will remain protected all-year-round when you come back to using it during the spring and summer months.

Porcelain tiles are incredibly strong, withstanding extensive wear and tear, at double the thickness of a standard indoor tile, our 20mm outdoor tiles are designed to withstand the most extreme of weather conditions.

Porcelain tiles are much more scratch resistant and durable than other materials such as natural stone or concrete.

Recommended tile: Materia Anthracite


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With a wide range of materials to suit all needs, Tile Giant is the ideal place to breathe life into your home and garden.

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