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Natural Stone Tiles

What is Travertine and Marble?

What is Travertine?

Travertine is a form of Limestone which is a naturally occurring Sedimentary Rock. Travertine is slowly formed by deposits of Calcium Carbonate in bodies of water i.e. lakes or particularly in hot springs. Travertine often contains organic matter such as leaves and tree debris which rots away and leaves small voids behind.

What is Marble?

Marble is a naturally occurring Metamorphic rock. Marble is actually sedimentary rock, like Limestone, which is forced down into the ground and put under intense heat and pressure. This changes the structure of the rock over the thousands of years. This also changes the density so marble has much fewer voids and often none at all.

What are the characteristics of Travertine?

Travertine is one of Tile Giants most popular natural stones. Key characteristics include:

  • Available in a range of warm earthy colours, including; Cream, Ivory and Noce.
  • Has small voids in the stone which are formed by decaying organic matter, usually filled on the front and not the back of the tile with a high grade epoxy resin.
  • Available in 2 grades; Commercial and Premium.
  • Like all stone, Travertine is naturally porous so requires sealing.
  • Is a very affordable natural stone
  • Is available in a range of finishes including; Tumbled, Honed, Chiselled and Polished

What are the characteristics of Marble?

Marble is seen as a very elegant stone, which has been used for statues and buildings across the world since classical times. Characteristics of Marble include:

  • Natural marble is white, any veins in it are caused by various mineral impurities which gives the different colours.
  • The crystals in marble allow light to penetrate several millimeters into the surface, giving a depth to the stone.
  • Although Marble is a much denser stone that Travertine, the surface is still naturally porous and needs sealing to avoid staining
  • Marble comes in several finishes, including; Honed and Filled, Tumbled, Polished and Chiseled

Types of Stone Finishes

Both Travertine and Marble are available in a range of different finishes. Popular examples include:

  • Honed and Filled - The surface has been filled then sanded flat
  • Tumbled - Has been tumbled in a machine which rounds off the edges for a rustic look
  • Chiseled - Similar to tumbled, but gives the effect that the edges have been chiseled off
  • Polished - The surface is mechanically polished to give it a flat and shiny surface


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