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Understanding the Importance of Ordering a Full-Size Sample 

Understanding the Importance of Ordering a Full-Size Sample 

When it comes to selecting tiles for your home renovation project, it's essential to make informed decisions. One of the crucial choices you'll face is whether to order a full-size tile sample or settle for a smaller 10x10 cut-off. In this blog, we'll investigate the benefits of opting for a full-size sample and why it's a smarter choice when making decisions that will impact your living space. 

1. Comprehensive Impression of the Pattern: 

Choosing the right tile for your space involves considering various factors, including pattern and design. A full-size tile sample allows you to experience the entire pattern in all its glory. Patterns can vary significantly, and some intricate details or repeats may only become evident when you see the tile in its full-size form. This comprehensive impression helps you make an informed decision about whether the tile complements your décor and personal style. 

Mont Blanc Wall and Floor TileMont Blanc Wall and Floor Tile
Mont Blanc Wall and Floor TileMont Blanc Wall and Floor Tile

2. Accurate Colour Assessment: 

Colours can look vastly different in small cut-off samples compared to full-size tiles. Lighting conditions, the surrounding environment, and even the texture of the tile surface can influence how a colour appears. By ordering a full-size sample, you can accurately gauge the colour in the context of your room. This ensures that your tile choice aligns with your existing scheme and overall aesthetic. 

3. Understanding Lighting Effects: 

Room lighting can dramatically impact the way your chosen tiles look. Natural light, artificial lighting, and even the direction of light can alter the tile's appearance. A full-size sample provides you with the opportunity to place the tile in various parts of the room and observe how different lighting conditions affect its visual appeal. This knowledge is invaluable for ensuring that your tile selection remains aesthetically pleasing in all lighting scenarios. 

Venosa High Gloss Marble Effect Wall and Floor TileVenosa High Gloss Marble Effect Wall and Floor Tile
Venosa High Gloss Marble Effect Wall and Floor Tile
Aria Matt Limestone Effect Wall TileAria Matt Limestone Effect Wall Tile
Aria Matt Limestone Effect Wall Tile

4. Room-Specific Appreciation: 

Tiles are not just about aesthetics; they also need to fit seamlessly into the room's dimensions and layout. The size of a tile might not be fully appreciated until it's seen within the context of the room where it will be installed. A full-size sample gives you a realistic sense of how the tile will look when laid out in your space. It helps you visualise how the tile's proportions align with your room's architecture and design, ensuring a harmonious result. 

5. Cost Savings with Tile Giant: 

Ordering a full-size tile sample may seem like a larger upfront investment compared to a smaller free cut-off swatch. However, Tile Giant are proud to offer a valuable incentive to encourage our customers to choose full-size samples. Tile Giant will refund the price of a tile sample when you place a full tile order.* This means that you can enjoy the benefits of a full-size sample without any additional cost, truly making it a smart choice. 

Selecting the perfect tiles for your home is a significant decision that requires careful consideration. To ensure that your choice aligns with your vision and meets your practical needs, it's highly advisable to opt for a full-size tile sample. It provides a comprehensive impression of the pattern, ensures accurate colour assessment, helps you understand lighting effects, and allows for room-specific appreciation. Additionally with Tile Giant offering refunds on sample costs, there's no reason not to take advantage of the benefits that full-size samples offer. Make your tile selection process is a more informed and rewarding experience by choosing the full-size sample option for your next project. 

*Receive your money back of the same full-size sample tile linked to the full quantity order. If your full order includes 2 or more different tiles, we will refund cost of all the full-size samples associated with the full order. Minimum order value of £50 applies. Please visit one of our stores or call our customer services team with proof of full-size sample purchase to receive your money off when placing your order. 

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