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Interior Design Trends 2023

Interior Design Trends 2023

Welcome to our Interior Design Trends blog, where we delve into the captivating world of home styling and explore the top trends that are set to shape the year 2023. It’s the perfect time to revitalize our living spaces and infuse them with fresh ideas and inspirations. From innovative colour palettes to striking textures and captivating designs, the interior design landscape of 2023 offers a myriad of possibilities for transforming our homes into stunning showcases of personal style and creativity. We have selected some exciting trends of the year and discover how Tile Giant's exceptional tile collections can bring these trends to life, creating spaces that inspire and captivate.

Jasper Geo 250x250 Porcelain TileJasper Geo 250x250 Porcelain Tile
Jasper Geo 250x250 Porcelain Tile
Emilia Aqua Terrazzo 200x200Emilia Aqua Terrazzo 200x200
Emilia Aqua Terrazzo 200x200

"Dopamine Dressing" is an emerging interior design trend in 2023 that draws inspiration from the concept of dressing to uplift one's mood. It encourages the use of vibrant colours, bold patterns, and playful elements to create spaces that evoke happiness and positivity. To emulate this trend, incorporating energetic hues like vibrant yellows, electric blues, and cheerful pinks can instantly uplift a space. Mixing and matching patterns, such as geometric shapes or floral motifs, adds a sense of playfulness. Tile Giant offers a range of tiles that align with the "Dopamine Dressing" trend, including the Jasper Geo, Emilia Terrazzo, and Alexa Hex ranges.

The Jasper Geo tiles feature dynamic geometric patterns and vibrant colour, which allows for a bold and contemporary look. They can be used to create eye-catching feature walls or vibrant flooring, injecting energy into any space.

The Emilia Terrazzo tiles offer a playful twist on the classic terrazzo design, featuring colourful speckles embedded in a neutral background. These tiles add a touch of fun and personality while maintaining a versatile aesthetic that can complement various interior styles. They are perfect for adding a pop of colour and visual interest to floors, walls, or even countertops.

Alex Hex Ocean Blue TileAlex Hex Ocean Blue Tile
Alex Hex Ocean Blue Tile
Alex Hex Pink TileAlex Hex Pink Tile
Alex Hex Pink Tile

The Alexa Hex range offers hexagonal tiles in a variety of vibrant colours. These tiles can be combined to create captivating patterns and playful designs. The versatility of the hexagonal shape allows for endless possibilities, whether used as a full wall installation or as a statement accent. The Alexa Hex range is an excellent choice for those seeking to embrace the "Dopamine Dressing" trend by adding an element of vibrancy and liveliness to their spaces.

"The 70's return" is a nostalgic interior design trend that brings back retro vibes and groovy aesthetics of the 1970s. It embraces the era's distinctive design elements, such as earthy colour palettes, bold patterns, and textured surfaces, to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. To emulate this trend, incorporating warm and earthy tones like burnt oranges, mustard yellows, and olive greens is essential. Pairing these colours with bold geometric or floral patterns and incorporating textured surfaces such as shag rugs or macramé wall hangings helps to capture the essence of the 70s.

Congo Green Tropical TileCongo Green Tropical Tile
Congo Green Tropical Tile

The Congo tile ranges feature rich tones that complement the flora with many variations, reminiscent of the 70s colour palette. Their slightly textured finish adds depth and character to walls or floors, creating a tactile and nostalgic ambiance. This range is superb for those wanting to emulate the bold interiors which are transcendent of the 70’s.

Lorenzo Turquoise Ceramic Wall TileLorenzo Turquoise Ceramic Wall Tile
Lorenzo Turquoise Ceramic Wall Tile

The Lorenzo tile range offer a captivating selection of small format beautifully coloured tiles, reflecting the vibrant disco era of the 70s. These tiles capture the glamour and easy living associated with the period, adding a touch of sophistication and retro elegance to any space. Their colourful surfaces create a captivating play of light, perfect for creating statement feature walls or accent areas.

Deep Metro Pink Wall TileDeep Metro Pink Wall Tile
Deep Metro Pink Wall Tile

The Deep Metro range consists of subway tiles with a twist, featuring deeper and bolder colours inspired by the 70s aesthetic. These tiles provide a modern interpretation of the classic subway tile, incorporating rich and vibrant hues like deep blues or burnt pinks. They add a touch of vintage charm while maintaining a contemporary edge, making them a versatile choice for creating accent walls or bold backsplashes.

"Comfortcore" is a prominent interior design trend in 2023 that prioritizes creating cosy and inviting spaces for relaxation and comfort. It emphasizes the importance of soft textures, warm colours, and layered elements to evoke a sense of tranquillity and well-being. To embrace this trend, focus on incorporating plush fabrics, such as velvet or faux fur, along with soothing colour palettes consisting of neutral tones, soft pastels, and warm earthy hues. Layering textiles, incorporating comfortable seating options, and adding ambient lighting are key elements to emulate the Comfortcore trend.

Acton Beige & Acton Decor Wall TileActon Beige & Acton Decor Wall Tile
Acton Beige & Acton Decor Wall Tile

The Acton Beige tile features a warm and neutral colour palette that complements the cosy atmosphere of Comfortcore design. Their subtle texture adds depth and visual interest to floors or walls, while their beige tones create a soothing backdrop that harmonizes with other comforting elements in the space.

Alchemist Silk Bevel Wall TileAlchemist Silk Bevel Wall Tile
Alchemist Silk Bevel Wall Tile

The Alchemist Silver tiles provide a touch of elegance and sophistication with their translucent finish. These tiles reflect light, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. The silver tones add a subtle shimmer that enhances the overall comfort and tranquillity of the space. They can be used to create a luxurious accent wall option in areas where relaxation and comfort are the focus.

Malaga Hex Marble Effect Porcelain TileMalaga Hex Marble Effect Porcelain Tile
Malaga Hex Marble Effect Porcelain Tile

The Malaga Hex Linen range offers hexagonal tiles with a linen like texture, providing a soft and inviting surface. These tiles have a natural and organic feel that aligns well with the Comfortcore trend. The hexagonal shape adds a touch of visual interest, while the linen texture adds depth and warmth to the space. They are a great option for creating cosy floors or feature walls that contribute to the overall comfort aesthetic.

The "Heritage" interior design trend in 2023 embraces a nostalgic and timeless aesthetic, drawing inspiration from traditional craftsmanship and classic design elements. It celebrates the charm and elegance of the past while infusing modern touches to create a harmonious blend of old and new. To emulate this trend, focus on incorporating rich and warm colour palettes, refined patterns, and materials that exude a sense of heritage and craftsmanship. Utilizing vintage-inspired furniture, ornate detailing, and incorporating antiques or heirlooms can further enhance the heritage atmosphere.

Picket Petal Pink Wall TilePicket Petal Pink Wall Tile
Picket Petal Pink Wall Tile

The Picket Petal Pink tiles feature a delicate and feminine hue that brings a touch of vintage charm to any space. The subtle pastel colour adds a soft and elegant ambiance, while the picket-shaped design pays homage to traditional craftsmanship. These tiles are an excellent option for creating accent walls or backsplashes that evoke a sense of heritage and sophistication.

Milan Rose Wall TileMilan Rose Wall Tile
Milan Rose Wall Tile

The Milan Rose tiles offer a timeless and refined design. Their soft veining and warm colour variations mimic the beauty of natural stone, adding a touch of luxury and elegance to interior spaces. The versatility of these tiles allows them to be used in various applications, such as walls, splashbacks or even as a stunning fireplace surround, creating a heritage-inspired focal point.

Finlay Oak Floor tileFinlay Oak Floor tile
Finlay Oak Floor tile

The Finlay Oak range provides the authenticity of wood in a tile format, capturing the essence of heritage and traditional craftsmanship. These tiles showcase the natural grain and texture of oak, offering a warm and inviting aesthetic. The durability and ease of maintenance of these tiles make them a practical choice while maintaining the timeless charm of hardwood flooring. They are perfect for creating a sense of heritage and nostalgia in any room.

The "Spathroom" interior design trend in 2023 focuses on creating a serene and spa-like atmosphere within the bathroom. It aims to transform this functional space into a tranquil oasis where relaxation and self-care take centre stage. To emulate this trend, key points to consider include incorporating calming colour palettes, natural materials, minimalist design, and creating a sense of balance and harmony. Soft, muted tones, organic textures, and clean lines contribute to the overall serene ambiance.

Selma Marine Marble Effect TilesSelma Marine Marble Effect Tiles
Selma Marine Marble Effect Tiles

The Selma Marine tiles are an excellent option as they feature a soothing colour palette and delicate motifs that create a serene atmosphere reminiscent of ocean waves. Their gentle marine hues and intricate patterns bring a sense of tranquillity to bathroom walls or floors, perfect for creating a spa-like environment.

Bellagio Gold Picket MosaicBellagio Gold Picket Mosaic
Bellagio Gold Picket Mosaic

The Bellagio Gold tiles offer an elegant and luxurious option for a Spathroom. Their rich golden tones exude warmth and sophistication, adding a touch of opulence to the space. The intricate detailing and polished surface of these tiles contribute to the serene ambiance, creating a sense of refinement and relaxation.

Onyx Perla Porcelain TileOnyx Perla Porcelain Tile
Onyx Perla Porcelain Tile

The Onyx Perla range is another suitable choice for a Spathroom due to its natural stone aesthetics. These tiles showcase a delicate variation in colour and subtle veining, mimicking the beauty of traditional marbles. The pearl-like finish adds a touch of elegance and serenity to the space, while the polished surface reflects light, creating a calming and spa-like atmosphere.

These interior design trends of 2023 offer a diverse range of styles and inspirations to transform our living spaces into havens of personal expression, comfort, and serenity. From the vibrant and energizing "Dopamine Dressing" trend to the nostalgic and timeless "Heritage" trend, each one invites us to explore new possibilities and create spaces that truly reflect our individual tastes and desires. With the help of Tile Giant's exceptional tile collections, such as the Selma Marine, Bellagio Gold, and Onyx Perla range, we can effortlessly incorporate these trends into our homes. Whether it's embracing the soothing ambiance of a Spathroom, capturing the charm of the 70s with the Congo, Lorenzo, and Deep Metro ranges, or adding a touch of elegance with the Acton Beige, Alchemist Silver, and Malaga Hex Linen tiles, Tile Giant provides the perfect tiles to bring these trends to life. So, let's embark on this exciting journey of interior design in 2023, creating spaces that inspire, comfort, and reflect our unique personalities.

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