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Embrace the Serenity of Coastal Core: Transform Your Home with the Perfect Tiles

Coastal Core EditCoastal Core Edit

Step into a world of serene tranquillity, where the soothing embrace of coastal landscapes meets the sophistication of contemporary design - welcome to Coastal Core. This enchanting interior design trend has taken the decor world by storm, offering a seamless blend of coastal elements with modern aesthetics. From the breezy hues of ocean blues to the earthy warmth of wooden textures, Coastal Core has the power to transport you to your favourite seaside retreat. And what better way to create this coastal haven in your home than by choosing the right tiles as the foundation of your design?

The essence of Coastal Core invites you to embrace a sense of calm and relaxation, drawing inspiration from the sea, sand, and sky. This trend encompasses a soothing colour palette, natural textures, and an effortless mix of traditional coastal elements with contemporary flair. Think serene blues, sandy neutrals, and verdant greens that effortlessly blend to create a fresh and inviting ambiance. Coastal Core is not nautical, this interior design trend is the creation of a serene feeling in your home.

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Here are our tips and tricks to help you create a coastal haven in your home:

Balance the Palette: Maintain a delicate balance between the soothing blues, sandy neutrals, and gentle greens. Avoid overwhelming the space with any one colour, as Coastal Core embraces harmony and tranquillity. Your colour pallet should be beautifully curated, think about the movement of natural light, the aesthetic should be clean and mindful. Evoking the same sensations as a beautiful white sandy beach with gentle sea spray breeze.

Natural Elements: Integrating natural elements into your room is an essential aspect of creating and authentic coastal connection, infuse your living spaces with organic statement pieces such as driftwood, seashells, and indoor plants to reinforce the coastal connection. For a more subtle approach choose natural fibre rugs, dress your furniture with cotton and lined textiles and add light, sheer curtains that allow natural light to filter through to add to the airy ambiance of your Coastal Core space.

Lighting: Lighting is arguably the most important aspect of any interior design trend. By taking a thoughtful approach to lighting in your Coastal Core design, you can create an inviting and tranquil space that perfectly complements the soothing hues and natural elements. Soft, diffused lighting allows you to unwind and immerse yourself in the serene embrace of Coastal Core, transforming your home into a peaceful coastal haven. Diffused lighting creates an airy and relaxed atmosphere, so consider installing dimmers to adjust the intensity of your lights as needed.

Minimalist Approach: Embrace a minimalist approach to decor to ensure that your coastal tiles still are the focal point of the room. Coastal Core conjures a clean aesthetic, this means anything you bring into the space needs to earn its right to be there, quality over quantity. For example, a small piece of driftwood can add depth to your space without overwhelming it. The clean aesthetic fosters a sense of calm, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the coastal-inspired haven you've created within your home.

Choosing the Perfect Tiles with Tile Giant:

When crafting your Coastal Core sanctuary, tiles play a pivotal role in setting the tone and laying the foundation for the overall design. Let's explore these curated tile choices that will help you achieve the essence of Coastal Core:

A. Lorenzo Light Blue:

The Lorenzo Light Blue tile beautifully captures the spirit of the ocean, infusing your space with a refreshing coastal vibe. With its delicate light blue hue reminiscent of clear sea waters, these tiles add a touch of serenity and create a sense of openness in any room. Whether used as a backsplash in the kitchen or as a feature wall in the bathroom, the Lorenzo Light Blue tile is a perfect choice to embrace the Coastal Core trend. The small format and complementary colour combinations makes the Lorenzo tiles a versatile choice for those opting for a focal point or feature wall in their room or those wanting the big wow factor. If you’re feeling bolder, why not tile all your walls with Lorenzo Light Blue, but only halfway up the wall. This will create a cohesive space, but also leave room for a soft, light paint or delicate wallpaper above.

Lorenzo Light BlueLorenzo Light Blue
Lorenzo Light Blue
Lorenzo TurquoiseLorenzo Turquoise
Lorenzo Turquoise
Lorenzo WhiteLorenzo White
Lorenzo White

Alchemist Pool Wall TileAlchemist Pool Wall Tile
Alchemist Pool Wall Tile

B. Alchemist Pool Tile:

Incorporating the Alchemist Pool tile in your design brings a hint of whimsy and organic beauty to your space. Its mosaic-like appearance and blend of soft blue, green, and white tones evokes the feeling of sunlight dancing on the water's surface. Use these tiles as a statement piece in your living room or bathroom, and watch as they effortlessly elevate the Coastal Core ambiance. Available in flat and bevelled finishes you can effortlessly add texture & pattern to your project. The Alchemists format also gives you plenty of opportunity to create interesting patterns. Try classic horizontal brick, modern vertical stacked layout or the ever growing in popularity herringbone to create your unique finish.  

C. Somerset Green Tile:

The lush and sagey Somerset Green tile captures the essence of coastal landscapes with its natural green hues. These tiles exude a sense of life and vibrancy, making them perfect for creating an accent wall in your bedroom or adding a touch of nature to your kitchen. With the Somerset Green tile, your home will feel like an inviting oasis, nestled in the heart of the coast. The somerset tiles have a slight handmade effect texture and the gentle wave adds to the coastal allure.

Somerset Green Gloss Wall TileSomerset Green Gloss Wall Tile
Somerset Green Gloss Wall Tile

Henley Oakbrook Vinyl FlooringHenley Oakbrook Vinyl Flooring
Henley Oakbrook Vinyl Flooring

D. Henley Oakbrook Herringbone Flooring-Like Tiles:

For a touch of rustic elegance, the Henley Oakbrook herringbone flooring brings the charm of wooden textures into your Coastal Core design. The herringbone pattern adds visual interest, while the warm tones of oak evoke feelings of a cosy beachfront cottage. Use this flooring in your entryway or living room for an authentic coastal-inspired feel whilst keeping a warm and inviting space.

Coastal Core is an enchanting interior design trend that captures the serenity of coastal living with a modern twist. By partnering the right tiles & flooring, you can effortlessly transform your home into a coastal haven. Embrace the calming hues and natural textures that define Coastal Core and let the essence of the sea wash over your living spaces, providing a refreshing and welcoming retreat. Embrace Coastal Core today and embark on a journey to bring the tranquil shores into your home.

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