The daffodils are here; that means getting your duster out for a little spring cleaning. Love your tiles as much as we do. Maintain them now and ensure they’re looking good enough to wow for years to come.

As we chomp our way through our Easter eggs, we know what we should actually be doing is a spot of spring cleaning. Sometimes, there’s nothing more satisfying than a good old deep clean to breathe a bit of life into a space and actually leave your mind feeling a bit clearer.

Whether in the kitchen or bathroom, when it comes to tiles, cleaning and caring for them properly can give a space an instant refresh. Not only that, it’ll increase their longevity and performance too. So that spring clean doesn’t need to become a complete redecorate.

So, if you’re getting ready to throw out the ‘stuff’ in the back of the cupboard that pains you everytime you look at it, make sure cleaning and maintaining your tiles is on your deep cleaning list. Follow these top tips to getting your tiles sparkling clean.



We all know how quickly dirty grout that’s supposed to be white can transform the look of a room. So cleaning your grout is the best place to start - and a quick win to give you some big cleaning satisfaction.

The best way to tackle grout and remove built-up grime is to use an old toothbrush as your weapon of choice.

  • For mild stains, a nifty trick is to mix some baking soda with vinegar to form a paste. Get involved and get scrubbing with a dollop of elbow grease, using your toothbrush to work the paste in between the tiles. Leave it for 30 minutes before you rinse off.
  • For dirtier, more stubborn stains, use a grout stain remover or grout cleaner that’s safe for your tiles. Make sure you test the cleaner in an area not visible first.

Wall Tiles

With the grout back to brand spanking new, give your tiles some love. Consider the finish of your wall tiles before you start. For example, for plain ceramic tiles, a scouring pad should be ok. However, for printed pattern tiles, it might be safer to use a soft sponge or microfiber cloth. Never use vinegar or harsh cloths on marble!

  • If you can, run some hot water over or near the tiles to open up the ceramic pores and really get deep into the dirt.
  • Choose the right cleaner for your wall tiles, depending on their material. A gentle stonewash cleaner is suitable for travertine, limestone, granite, sandstone, slate, marble and polished porcelain.
  • For heavy duty grime, you might need something a little stronger to remove stains like oil, grease and any ingrained dirt.

Floor Tiles

As there’s often a larger surface to cover with floor tiles, sometimes it’s easier to just break out the steam cleaner! Although an appealing option, it’s not always suitable for certain tiles so check first to avoid any risk of scratching your tiles.

  • For longevity of your floors, use the correct maintenance cleaner to increase the life of the protective seal. Meaning these deep cleans don’t become a regular chore!
  • Be careful using normal detergents, we’d even say avoid it. On sealed surfaces, normal cleaning products and strong bleach will remove the protective seal.

New tiles? Follow our 3-Step Tile Care Guide

If your spring clean has gone the whole hog and become more of a spring renovation, protect your investment and ensure you follow these steps to properly clean and seal your tiles.

Step 1 - Clean

After fitting, an initial clean should be done to remove residue, adhesive, grout and any grime. LTP Grimex is specially formulated for limestone, travertine, slate and porcelain to remove stubborn stains and ensure a clean start for your tiles.

Step 2 - Seal

Once fitted and cleaned (should be sealed before grouting), our sealers protect against staining and enhance the natural colour and texture of your tiles. LTP Mattstone, suitable for natural and artificial stone, will strongly repel water, oil and grease. For maximum enhancement, especially in wetrooms, use LTP Colour Intensifier.

Step 3 - Maintain

Maintain the natural beauty of your tiles with cleaners formulated for the most delicate surfaces, from natural stone to unglazed ceramics. Renovate a dull-looking floor with LTP Floorshine or keep your natural, or artificial, stone walls fresh from dirt and residue with LTP Waxshine.