5 Reasons You’ll Benefit From Having A Bold, Bright Kitchen

For the majority, a kitchen is a hub of love, creativity and togetherness - not to mention food. It’s a room in the house that people naturally gravitate towards may that be during house gatherings, parties or day to day living.

We’re taking a look at why the kitchen is so adored by many and how to make yours a bold, bright place to boost your mood, be creative and make your guests leave with kitchen-envy.

1. Boosts Your Mood

Like other rooms in the house, if your kitchen is decorated dark and dingy, it can make you feel down. That’s where adding a bold pattern or colour can be your fix. Below is a chart of the colours we suggest you use depending on the kind of mood and atmosphere you want to create.

5 Reasons You’ll Benefit From Having A Bold, Bright Kitchen Colour Mood Chart

Of course, yellow is probably best known to bring happiness and energy to a room - just what you need first thing in the morning as you venture to the kitchen to pop the kettle on. See below how we incorporate yellow into a kitchen to give it a pop of life.

We recommend using our Metro Mustard tiles or alternatively, our Serene Ocre Decor tiles. Pair with copper kitchen furnishings like taps, cutlery and cream-toned accessories such as clocks mugs and furniture.

Opt for dark wooden furniture with muted orange tones to bring an extra aspect of heat to the room. You can then contrast the yellow with pale, duck egg blues to give the room a little variety and avoid it from being overpowered with warm tones.

Did you know? Orange is known to stimulate your appetite so, if you're trying to eat healthily and be calorie conscious, we wouldn't recommend this colour for your kitchen.

Featured Product: We suggest adding our newly launched Serene tiles, a slim and decorative tile or our Tumbled Yellow Travertine Wall Tile.

5 Reasons You’ll Benefit From Having A Bold, Bright Kitchen Serene Ocre

The above example shows how a mustard tile like our Serene Ocre tile can brighten up a dull kitchen and make it a calm yet a bubbly place to retreat to.

Pair with gold kitchen accessories to bring dimension to the room through the reflective elements in the metal and opt for deep brown wood with warm undertones when selecting your furniture. This will bring heat to the room whilst balancing the bright, bold yellows.

2. Encourages Family Time

Food, in general, brings people together. Whether it’s going out for a meal or eating home-cooked grub after a day or work or school. Sitting around the table is one of the few occasions where everyone can socialise and spend quality time with one another.

That’s why you’ll want your kitchen to be a place where everyone is happy to sit, eat and relax. By designing it with everyone in mind, you can create a living space that people don’t have to use but want to use.

Go colourful with the decor and stick to a slightly more neutral yet patterned tile such as our Nikea Sephia tile in a matt finish. Let the little ones choose oven gloves, toasters and other smaller appliances in their favourite colour can encourage their want to use this room, increasing the time spent together.

We have a whole range of tiles in various patterns and shades to suit the colour and style of accessories they may choose.

5 Reasons You’ll Benefit From Having A Bold, Bright Kitchen Nikea Sephia

Recommended Products: Some of our most popular patterned tiles include ranges Florence, Chatsworth and our Accents range. These ranges include highly decorative tiles that are perfect as a kitchen splashback or as a feature wall in between the top and bottom cupboards.

3. Makes Cooking Enjoyable

If you can’t see what you’re cooking, odds are you’ll create something that makes your taste buds squirm. Dim lights can blur the look of how much spice and other ingredients you’re adding and so, it makes cooking impractical and somewhat unsafe.

Here’s why going bright with your decor is key. Firstly, add in lots of lights using a combination of wall and ceiling lights to ensure that your kitchen is fully lit. Then, you’ll want to select brightening tiles, flooring and furnishings.

If you feel uneasy about adding in bold colours to your kitchen walls, fear not. You can select a white marble tile such as the Metro Carrara tile, which acts just like a yellow or bright pastel by making the room look sunlight and airy, without making it boring.

5 Reasons You’ll Benefit From Having A Bold, Bright Kitchen Metro Carrara

The lovely, glazed finish of this tile gives it an elegant charm that will “wow” your guests and captivates your wall space, making it a beautiful, blank canvas to contrast your colourful cooking creations.

Tip: Of course, depending on the size of your kitchen depends on how many lights you’ll need. However, in most cases, the brighter the better.

By adding lights that can be controlled through different switches, it’ll give you the flexibility of dimming the room or brightening it, depending on whether you turn on every light or not.

4. Create A Calming Space

As much as we love mustard yellow tones to help boost our spirits and bring happy thoughts, green is just as great for reducing anxiety. A bold, statement emerald tile is the ideal fix for anyone who finds cooking chaotic and their food creativity levels low.

Green is well-known for its mind-clearing properties, perfect for settling any anxious thoughts and allowing the eyes to rest without requiring the room to be bland and boring. Whether you opt for a bright lime green, dark seaweed green or subtle pastel sage, each colour can help your kitchen to stand out whilst offering mental benefits to its house guests.

5 Reasons You’ll Benefit From Having A Bold, Bright Kitchen Victoria Baths

Recommended product: We recommend using our newly launched Victoria Bath Bevel Vintage Green tiles. It's a popular choice from the collection, offering a stunning glazed finish to make your walls gleam a unique emerald green.

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5. It’s A Conversation Starter

There isn’t anything worse than turning up to a house gathering as the stranger. Spending many minutes pondering what you can talk about and trying to remember the names of people you’ve never seen before. However, there isn’t a better way to make a good first impression than paying them a compliment on their home.

One of the most talked about styles that we’ve seen swoop into the interior design trends is silver, luxe kitchens. They’re widely recognised to be high-class, celebrity must-haves and so, they’re sure to make guests leave in awe.

The metallic glaze often given by a silver, chrome tile is a show-stopper in itself, giving an ambient glow to the room when paired with lots of lights. What’s more, silver goes with pretty much any shade, so if you really want to push the boat out and take your interior to the next level, you can pair them with expensive faux animal prints or bright colours like red, teal or orange.

5 Reasons You’ll Benefit From Having A Bold, Bright Kitchen Chrome Pattern Mosaic

Recommended product: One of our favourite mosaic tiles is Chrome Pattern mosaic tiles. These are great for adding a polished, elegant feel to the home with a unique and slightly futuristic, out-of-this-world look.

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