Looking to identify 2017's hot interior design trends, the Daily Mail had a chat with our very own head of marketing, Emma Churchill, to get the inside scoop on what, styles, patterns, aesthetics and tiles are really going to be making a statement this year.

Why are we being influenced by more adventurous patterns/designs in our tiles?

Over the last couple of years, there’s been an explosion in Moroccan style tiles and, interiors and the move towards African inspired designs are a direct result of this. This shift towards more explorative styles has stemmed from ever-changing travel habits. People are bringing home influences from their holidays, less afraid to play with textures, finishes and sizes. These combinations are beautifully captured by tribal designs meaning the possibilities for home decorators are wide-ranging.

What has the percentage increase been in tiles influenced by Tribal or African patterns in terms of sales?

We’re seeing an increase in customer enquiries over the last 12 months by over 10%. The demand is definitely there. Patterned tiles have been going through a reinvention over the coming years, firstly with Spanish patterns, then Moroccan, and now are steadily moving southwards into central Africa. More organic and tribal patterns are original and are rising in popularity along with the trend for nomadic, ethnic accessories around the home. The materials we use are a reflection of this too - with organic hessians being set feature largely in 2017.

How can we use tiles influenced by tribal designs or by the continents of Africa and South America in our homes?

Reflect the styles of faraway destinations through clashing designs. Enjoy an eccentric mish mash by mixing an array of patterns and colours. Either go brave with a feature wall or start small with a splashback. Hand painted tiles have more of a tribal and raw feel, but you can get some great printed looks if you’re decorating with a smaller budget in mind. Accessories to match made from organic materials like hessian or rattan can be obtained at a snip.

What are the defining characteristics of tribal designs in tiles?

Typically, tribal designs in tiles blend traditionally rustic patterns with geometric designs. Using primal shapes in strong, earthy colours they add drama to the room and really draw the eye. They also look a little less ‘polished’ - if you’re looking to use tribal inspired designs, don’t expect perfect symmetry. Many tile options will come with multiple designs in one package which means that your room will be unique to you, since no collection is the same.

What can you tell us about mosaic tiles and the influences on tile trends and designing of mosaics in African and Latin American cultures?

There’s a big trend around using mosaics to create patterns that previously you would create using painted tiles. With the African style, use clashing colours to create a look that resembles African fabric with a modern geometric feel. For a more Latin American vibe, mix it up with lots of bold hues in blues, reds and orange.


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